Today I see
Today I understand the great commission
His great plan
How one man
Paid for our salvation
And ask’d we pass it on

Man yet not a man at all
He changed life and death
And this I know, He has changed me
He and the Comforter, Holy Spirit
He and those who have gone before
Those who’v carried sword and banner
From heaven to beat on hades door,
Those with faith so vibrant one feels it from afar
A faith not in themselves but in the Promise
The Promise of a Man, yet Not a man at all
It is He who keeps me knocking on Heaven’s door

Understanding is not enough,
We must keep persistently pursuing the wisdom
Through prayer we slowly replace the myst
Still, this darkness must be with us till Kingdom comes
But now, dark is not as dark for me as before
I hold fast to a believers words
Written the day after a midnight in a cold dark theater,
God is good all the time,
Man is not,
Don’t get the two confused

I believe beyond my dwindling doubt,
In my fight with stifling fear,
You do what you say you will do,
You answer prayers,
You heal those who are sick in heart, sick in soul
For this life seems a constant torrent of rain,
You are the salve to heal spiritual pain
You do respond to those who knock,


And knocking on heavens door
As a faithful sister reminds me time and time again,
“Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matt 7-7