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I’ve got a headache from beating my self against the wall of confusion. What is my position in the commission of the great commission. What am I to do? There are gifts given to me for sure, but how do I do something with them. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO! Saved by grace, now I want to get outta this paddock and ride like the wind to…….

I hear all the fantastic stories of simple people moving mountains with faith. Is it that my faith is not big enough, good enough, strong enough…… WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!

Not knowing what to do or being struck by a revelation, I go eat. I have a bowl of high fiber cereal, open my bible to peruse the Word. I drop the book on the table before me and with out hitting and spilling the bowl, the book pops open to Ephesians 1, Hmmmm!!!

So I start reading chapter 1, and there in vs. 17 Paul writes ‘I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.’

Know Him Better, that’s what I need to be doing, not running to China or Peru, or Chicago.

There it is>Things to do: KNOW HIM BETTER, how? Read the word and answer the door.

I spaced out the fact that there is this guy coming to my house who I invited over, a guy who wanted to know some of the guitar chords I play. He plays real ‘white’, and I play blues and he want’s to know the ‘blue’ side of G, D, A minor and so on. Progression of Soul so to speak.

So, there/here he is at my door while I’m trying to eat and read and heed.

We get into it. He stumbles into some of the chord positions I take for granted and while we’re sheddin, he starts talking about how he is a worship minister and does prison ministries here in this state and that there is a service (gig to me) coming up on Aug 17th and if I want to attend with his band and add the ‘blue’ notes his songs need it would be a blessing to both of us. For sure I say.

At this moment since I visit another friend in the county jail, being on that guys visiting list might prevent me from being able to go into the state prison with my new found friends band.

But, God will not mislead, nor will he not provide. Prayers were answered here today, next to a bowl of high fiber cereal there was THE WORD, the knock at the door brought a fellow believer/musician into my house who goes into places where, through music, the Word is heard by those who have nothing and at the same time have everything they need to meet, greet and beat feet to the cross and start anew. If they be in the Word already, they have the outside come in to refresh and reinforce their faith and remind them that they are not alone and forgotten, that their faith is their last best hope for a better life where they are today and where they will be tomorrow.

I am not Paul, I am not able to make sense of all this other than to know in my heart my pleadings will not go unanswer’d. NOR WILL YOURS>

All this and it’s not even noon yet.

I’m in awe of the power of faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.