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These are the lyrics to a song that was to be the title cut on a new recording. As of today, the recording is done but the promotion and production are dead in the water due to BIDNESS! If I had the finances I would upgrade this blog to include the mp3, but, as with the recording itself, finances is bad in the music BIDNESS!!
However, that in no reason to strand this plea to Stand UP and Pray in some folder on my computer. The meaning is there with or with out music.
From my heart to you, There Is Too Much Trouble In The World Today. 

Wrong is right
Right is wrong
The good die young
The old mans war

So much talk
make me lose my sleep
I can’t walk
To in my cities streets

Too much trouble in the world today
Too much trouble in the world today
Too much trouble in the world today
Stand up raise your hands and pray

In my mind
Bolts a lightning flash
Can’t afford the high
Can’t afford the crash

Having baby’s
Growing up in the street
‘Spec ting free eats


Men and women in suits
Controln all the cash
Make the homeless helpless
And they fall to crack

People spending time
In a guru’s chair
meditate a mantra
Pretend trouble just aint’ there


I’m down and out
In a fancy home
My hands seem tied
Can’t untie the wrong

I moan and weep
Take pills to sleep
Cause’a what I see
In my city streets

Gotta synchronize
Running outta time
Respect the words
Of he Lord on high

Son dis what i believe
WWi, WWii, Korea, Nam, Iraq Gannastan,
9 1 1, and the other Kings dream
“Can’t we all just get alone

the rising sea
Mother takes care
to take out the trash
to cleanse herself of waste

I’ve come so far
over come so much
here young man
take this torch
I too old now to
march in the street

Theres some cancer going on
that we can’t seem to touch
Johan went down three times
Before God threw him up
Profits only want to profit today

so I come to you
using your groove
just so you might sing w/me
theres too much trouble in the world today