i’m tired, sore,—waking with aches and pains (they’ll be gone when i pray, hmmm!!!!). i hobble to the press—pour a cup of the best i can afford,—wabble to my chair,—face to the east, back to the west—the west is yesterday—night gone away—the east is today and the coming of a new day.

today there is a need in me to get reconnected
it has been a while, sometime, days, weeks since last i pen’d and pounded out on the keys, I’ve been in a vacuum of ‘me’, marching in place, keeping time, lost to you Spirit, now i pray to be found again

i feel, at times like a hostage to this world, what with the responsibilities of husband, father, Christian, friend. Plagued always with the fear of sin. i am not, cannot be perfect oh Paul, yet I know this, that where there is faith, there is not fear, but that must be saved for heaven because I can’t seem to master it here!

Still, this moment feels perfect! This moment as I pray in our way Lord, my life does not seem so perplexing, right now i’m not making mountains where there are none, my struggle is to only more precise with you. Recently theres been a void, no pentecostal episodes while body recuperates. The body comes back ever so slow now, and is the void  because body is connected to soul?

Laser blades of sunlight blast through the leaves and branches of my tree. i rest into my rocker to watch this new day unfold. The Sparrows this year are but a few. Last year at this time (time again) they overran like gangs of thieves. Crackles and Red Wings have backed off now too, making room for Goldfinch, House Wrens, my little Chickadee’s and those upside down Nuthatches.
Am i the bird whisperer? 🙂

This moment is quiet, it’s medicine
and i’m finally down with pen paper
writing again to you Father!

i have patience tatted on my wrist to remind me in the moments i slip. Slipping is easy on this world that spins in and out of focus with all the techies and there hocus-pocus. So inane, so immature is my 60 something endeavor at something written ‘anew.’

There is nothing much new under the sun to greet this new day except the new day itself—never before, never again. Today is a one-of-a-kind. Monday June 25th is a unique space of moments, seconds, minutes, hours—what we need to call time. Today has a waning connection to yesterday while paving a way toward tomorrow. Yesterday, tomorrow and today with me in between doing something seemingly insignificant, someone might call it a waste of time—but it is my time, and i’m spending it praying and no prayer is discounted by He who sees the struggle in one to believe.

My prayer is not by the book
though done with the book in mind

The word devotion i have tatte’d on my right hand.
Patience tatte’d on my left, patience and devotion
i need all help and reminders i can get
that this day, June 25th, not to be wasted
but be thank’d for and used.
is there a brother or sister in my midst
with a burden carried with which I can assist?

Praying in our way Lord, i am giving thanks to you
for this Monday, June 25th, 2012
remembering with patience and devotion
i am second to you!