NO church for me today
I’m down, in bed, my back went out somewhere
and hasn’t come back yet
it might be the meds, but I don’t think so
but I’m lying here thinking about God.
I do that a lot, think about God
the God above the Word, before the Word,
there’s is a paradox there but I don’t want paradox
or delema or theological dogma,
I want my father God,
I want Him to hold me, no person does, or even tries,
nor can hold me the way my Father does.
His son, my brother, my Lord, the spirit of Holiness that
sometimes rides beside me when I’m driving is with me this morning,
here in my bedroom, me on my back regretting my thoughtless attempt
at flipping my bike over to fix the chain.
Back said, ‘ugh, ugh, I’m outta here’ and down I went.
One man came over as I lay in the parking lot of the Super America,
‘hey, I heard you scream, you ok?’.
If I was in my normal mode I would have flipped a comment such as
‘sure, why wouldn’t I be ok following a scream and now being sprawled out here on the black top’, but the first thing that came to my mind was…
‘what a thoughtful caring mind this man has, because you see, there were 20 people in the SA parking log, getting gas, buying ice, cleaning windshields, but this man came over to give aid. I know, that if I had said something other than, ‘I think so, I called my wife, she’s on her way,’ that he would have accommodated me, helped me.

As I think about God, I think about this stranger, who as I reached for his hand, not as a help up but to shake, and said, ‘thanks for caring,’/’no problem, you sure you’re ok,?’ ‘yeah, no blood, no worry, later,’ ‘yeah later.’ He walked over and finished filling his boat with gas and I’m sure he enjoyed him self later in the day on a lake some where here in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I also believe that at one moment there in his on-the-lake-day, he thought about me, maybe for the same reason I think about him today, here in my bed, on my back that went out and hasn’t returned yet. You tell me, what could that reason be?

Thinking about God, my father, the time out I’m talking to not be in the parade of church’ers, but lying prone, no phone and no one to interfere w/my prayer, my unique Sabbath.

How does the saying go?/God the Father and Jesus got my back?
and when He wills it, my back will come back. Is this piece dumb? No! it’s my time spent as a pedestrian Christian, simply seeking the Gospel in a spill in the SA parking lot.