a lyric life
one fraught with joys strife,
they are not understanding
being misunderstood,
residing in a place where
pain last longer than it should

Where is that joy
alluded to above?
where is the love and
the charge of a light brigade
to illuminate a rescue
and shine on darkness’ words?
Spare the heart speared by cryptic meanings

Words unspoken, innuendo,
imagined dialog overdubbing reality
Listen! hurt hurts—pain is pain
and still again a meaningful meaning
is misconstrued

Conflicting meanings, words misused,
confusion thrust out on the table to combust and maim
passion flames built on self-preservation
are born and bread in thoughtlessness,
begetting exhausting litigation,
defending what was meant
by what was never clearly said

When will all of this diffusion be overcome,
something new to become part of all we are
and who we are to become,
when from step one, from the core of our very being
a considerable amount of thought
will be taken to avoid being thoughtless.