May 19, 2012, 7.20 PM

I am clear
I am free
I am a strong breeze
blowing over the land of torments
unhindered by defeats terrain

Surprise, surprise!
yes, it’s me, the obsessive depressive
loving this feeling, right now, right here
of what God is providing His child,

thunder clouds fill the sky this evening

symphonic cracks and booms of
tonight storms rattle my window
but no rain is falling on me,
only the rain of peace

This is the time
the space/place I oft can’t find
here is the cushion of compassion
where my transgressions are forgiven
my short comings—gone!

God is here in this place
(I know, He is omnipresent, but not always with me)

God, the Holy One
God, The Holy Spirit
God, not just the father,
My father