I’m thinking the Header/Title of this blog site
is misleading and misnamed.
God Grace and Guitars:
it should be just called ME!!!
I have been bitten by the poison fish—SELF FISH.

I’m not deep, just muddy,
my holiness is hypocritical,
my sin abounds and rebounds

I do not envy, nor regret
I’m not overly loaded with theology
but simply come to the cross moment by moment
in confession, and then fail from fear
to say what is truly in my heart

I repent
yet fail to perfect
so He hang’d there on the cross
for all, for all are imperfect
no matter how much they ‘know’

I am holy bound
but tied to mortal walls
and will forget all this
when finally I at last hear His call

till then,
The Apostles Prayer
with a little ‘c’
and The Lords Prayer
is my mantra
and my lament