Through trial and tribulation I suffer to exist,
trying that,
trying this
Prayers to God today do not support me today

I analyze, scrutinize,
try to put square pegs
in round holes that do not exist

I know this for sure
that lately is not working
I hurt the ones I love
it hurts me too
I am in a bad place
bad space
no passion or purpose possess me
than this effort to word my blues away

I’ve lost the meaning of the word
at the same time
others happiness (what I can see of it)
confuses and confound me

Write, write, write, ride, ride, ride,
get in touch with pen and bike
sweat the endorphins
so close a kin to morphine

I love the sinner, but hate the sin
in my digging to understand, I fall
Oh, Lord, who’s dug this pit I’ve fallen in
This curse of course is created by me

Where’s the sunshine
that shines so brilliantly beside me?
who in my life understands
what I don’t understand..…
this feeing of having no friends,
you can’t have one if you can’t be one

Underdogs get respect
losers fall by the wayside
such a damnable prison
I’ve put myself in

Here there is passion in my desire for reprieve
So much to use the word escape?
In how deep a grave can I bury myself
Down so far, fall so low I come up again?
I can only pray, or at least try to,
once again,