storms tear through the cities
torrents of wind and rain,
I hear them from my dark room
inside is outside
warnings sounds groan
silently in my brain

another lost day
given away to depression
and to physical pain
non chemical hangover
from last night gig

a live performance or engagement
by a musician or musicians
playing popular or jazz music
or in my case last night>crap,
sorry, that’s the depression

It’s 6:15pm
Late Saturday afternoon
2 hours and 15 minutes till
Night 2 of a 2 night stand
showtime is a stretch
of the imagination
even by mine

There was a day
there was a time
every stage I stepped on
was mine, by virtue
of Gods good grace,
My records sold
I was a leader in the race

I was my idol
an ignorant devils fool
a slick sucker
play’d like a screaming Blues
Job, why didn’t I read ya?
God, why didn’t I head ya?

Joe thinking he would live forever

I’m ok now, this moment as I write
my queen sits at my side
pained herself
not really knowing
what is killing me

It’s useless to try to hide,
like on the shows where I was king
I’d ware my love, laughter and pain
light a neon sign on my chest
it was in my voice and on my face
for all to see and hear

I’m was in showbiz,
but what I showed was my soul
Those in pain understood
Those in the cups
Danced’s in the hood
and took my songs into the streets

people still ask
and talk about decades past
I try to explain
through shattered vocal chords
strain’d in a bad attitude
Give a deaf ear to the Lord
and it proves He does give
and He does take away

I’m okay,
now at 6:42
I know what I’ve done
and know what I need to do

Give it up
Let it go
Give it my best
This might be my
last best show
For the good times Lord
I give thanks to you
And for my infirmities
I give you thanks too!
To learn your decrees
those songs of David
sing out to me.