I’ve read every word of every 87th Precinct novel written by the master of Cop Procedures Ed McBain. There are no words needed here to review anything McBain did/has done.


I just said I’ve read every word of every 87th Precinct novel written by the master of Cop Procedures Ed McBain, so I won’t say it again, then again, I just did, but not just one, but TWICE over the past 5-6-7-years, what ever.

Many times I would say in the living room, or in the bedroom ‘wow’ out loud and my wife, while watching TV with the mandatory headphones on,  would say ‘what?” ‘Nothing’ was my reply. You can’t explain a McBain ‘wow’ if you don’t swim in the river Dix or Harb and dodge the whirlpools and embrace the calms and make it to the shore only to be thrown back out again into the rapids to once again become surrounded and suck’d into the lives of those who live and die in ‘the city’. Gertie, I can’t explain it, and that’s why you wouldn’t understand a McBain ‘wow’ and why I don’t even try.

I’ve offered her a copy of Cop Hater, but she would rather watch Real Housewives. This world!

The point I am unable to make here is about the character of a character who comes forth in the world of the 87th whose name and fame is Fat Ollie Weeks, and, what he became after what he had been. This minutely monumental transformation hit me like a mixture of lime with cement, sand with water, like being slapped in the face with a unbelievably uncharacteristic dose of sugar.

Page 285 in the hard cover book The Frumious Bandersnatch, (the book that follows ‘Fat Ollie’s Book’) where Patricia waggled her fingers at Ollie as the elevator doors close caused me to simple stop and say ‘wow’, and for Maude to say ‘what? Again?”

I am just a reader, will never be a writer, but being a reader who can enjoy the full gamut of emotions and follow real fiction characters through a lifetime the likes of Ed McBain and his/my ‘people’ of the 87th simply leaves a simple man like me with nothing to say but ‘wow’, tingled with the joy that in all this craziness in my world, I found the world of the 87th through Ed McBain a place to escape to while escaping from.
Sorry ED, I’m sure that’s real bad grammar.

For all your efforts Ed, you, more than anyone or anything, (well, maybe J. R. R. Tolkien, but that’s another time and another place that’s somewhat the same) taken me out of my boring existence and made me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

God Bless Your Soul Ed, you’ve bless’d mine

thank you