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worn carpet covers this justice hall
marble walls bleed designs like rain snakes on window panes
time stands still.

Pacing impatiently for piers opinions,
tears remain held at bay,
restrained from falling like rain on a borrow’d suit.
Jurisprudence contemplate sentencing.

Punishment is a long time coming for a long line of misdeeds.
The watchtower melody eddies’ in time to the hum of conditioned air. In humidity Mr. and Ms. Average American assemble—‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ is the charge they are given. Is ‘no reasonable doubt’ reasonable to believe in?

Here lie the lies, the bought and sold testimony fear bred in Godless men who’s only friends have been Satan’s minions

Rewind the tape
play again the scene
who can say for sure what this silent picture really means?
We see it but can there be no doubt here as well?
Is this an end or just a stop on destiny’s train.

There are no innocents but 1 must fall for all in the Devils Game waiting for the Bailiffs Call

Pawn and king are not equal in this life’s chess game where impulsive emotions implode fire driven thoughts to a hell where flames ignite a demon light in hidden corners—even in these hallowed halls where the carpets are thread bear,

here in these halls of justice vengeance and truth collide and jostle for domination
—it’s just like in the street

The clock ticks in silent digitally, while both the guilty and innocent pace and wait on the bailiffs call