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Words, Words
So many words

insecure—insincere—in vain—in hope—in reverence—in haste—in truth—in lies

—to songs—to apologies—to accuse—to swear—to pray—to excuse— words as an excuse—to encourage—to put off

—seeking words to empty the space where words have birth and reside till release

—talking heads—words written—graffiti—all in an attempt to say something—in ink—in print—in sound—in HTML—

—email—snail mail—one person to one person or one to many—to whom—to who—in hope—in despair—words to be seen and touch and be touched—

We seek and speak with words—some seek a life fulfilled with love/by love—that’s a very good reason and starting place for words—

I Love you!—I love you too!

—To automatic, think about the words U use

Then there is time—

time wasted on words—invested in words—words trashed for failure to convey—words fallen short to paint the picture the word’est/artist/speaker/writer was possessed to use to do/complete

from the Word
—in the beginning—until the end—the Word
—is the beginning—is the fulfillment—in the Word is the life
—the Xanax–the Chemo-the vaccine for loneliness—what do I know—nothing I can put into words—

I look—I seek the words to console—to heal—to comfort the restless—to rest with comfort—to be comforted—I seek the Word—Speak the Word—Rely on the Word—Be relieved and relive in the Word

Can it all be summed up with one Word……..