For Deborah Juliano * My Public Declaration of Love, Valentine’s Day, 2012

Today I make a public declaration of love to my wife. In as few words as possible I will tell of that love and what it is, what it means, and what it does for me.

I love her because of the light she brings into my life. I love the light of her smile, her enthusiasm, her positivity. Too often in the past I would darken her light with my dark bluesman ways. Still, she never faulted, she never quit, she’s stay’d, she’s love’d me, and loves me still.

In her I can see the many ways how God loves me. I’ve seen His love in her smile, her personality and style. I’ve see God’s smile in her smile, God’s devotion in her enthusiasm. I see much of God’s grace in her tireless optimistic outlook on life even in the midst of trouble.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionary and sending cards. That is not enough for me and my Valentine. This year I need to reach into my heart and soul to find the words to express my deep love and thanksgiving for her and to her. My efforts fall too short too soon. So let this simply be a public declaration of my love and affection for my friend, lover, companion, spouse, mother of my children, grand of my grandchildren and friend to the many who rely on her for so much.

I love you Deborah Juliano,

Joe Juliano