On Dec 29, 2011, at 10:12 AM, me wifey wrote:
Son Joe is asking about Friday, what do you think.  I am OK if you are?

my reply……
lets see,
all them,
you, me,
sounds like a party,
although the details are as of yet unclear,
a moment please-let me do a calendar check, 

well, what do you know, 
so far it’s just me, 
a book and a couch pototoe>U 
who was the VP who couldn’t spell potato? 
he’s just like me, so I too could be a VP as well
I would much rather be a VIP, 
but what the hell,
it’s not meant to be

so to close this weak attempt at phrase and rhyme
i now say
what every you all decide
with me will be 
just fine