i beg your indulgence and pardon please
i’m a simple man of complex emotions with no major degrees
and i’m seeking
seeking the passion of Christmas

i know i must get a heart for giving
If i’m ever to get
that for which I am living

it’s hugely complex yet simple i think,
it’s a thing impossible for me to explain
—it’s love!

love is the healing of every aching heart
the drying of every crying eye
the warmth in the midst of the dark cold night of my soul

harmonious voices are singing always
but i don’t hear the meaning of the words, unless….
unless i’m blessed by blessing another—by giving

not just coin, or time, or service of lip
though that is needed for the immediacy of stress
but for saving and receiving
i need a heart for giving
i need a forgiving heart

hearts tuned toward giving
will receive
and that gift given,
will return to bless us all

in our seeking, we will see the passion of Christmas.