U would not believe what I had to go through to get an appointment w/a GI team before Jan 22 of next year.

Then again, knowing me, maybe you will believe it.

I was on a phone hold so many times in the past week waiting to speak with a real person to make appointment for me that my Primary Doc ordered and wanted done with in 7 days, that today, I called–was put on hold–while on hold–I GOT IN MY CAR, DROVE DOWN TO 435 PHALEN HEALTH CARE CENTER AND WAS STANDING IN FRONT OF A RECEPTIONIST AND BEGAIN TO EXPLAIN, SHE WENT INTO SLEEP MODE, I WENT INTO MY ROBERT DE NERO, JACK NICHOLSON MODE FOR AN AMPLIFIED EXPLANATION.

They sent a guard out, he took me in a room, sent in a nurse, she looked at the computer, key stroke, scrolled, moused, hmmmm’s and alas, she saw the SNAFU on their part and then asked me if I could be available this Thursday at 7.45am.

I was so relieved I wisely chose NOT to be mykind of funny and and say,’would you hold please while i check something?