He was born in ‘47 with a gift and a mission—64 years later he’s still bewildered and seeks to know what those two secrets are. 

Two steps forward, one step back. 
He has been cared for and been abled by others out of love for him and a sensing that he is a seeker, and seekers are rare and to be respected. 
He has suffered hunger and homelessness only once or twice in all his years, and there is a testament to that worthy love and holy compassion, only he doesn’t believe it.He is relentlessly pursued by despair and depression. 
His survival became dependent on use and abuse. Nothing new to that overused tattered excuse for failure.
Two steps forward, one step back. 
After fifty years under the spotlight of man performing up on a stage, he now shuns the light of man seeking rather the light of that shines eternal.
 He is beaten down by the thought that his gift and mission, long misused for self promotion, was really meant for others and he never figured it out, and what was his to give, is not his any longer.  To confound his life more, he now believes none of it, the music, the words, the singing or the songs were his at the outset. 
Two steps forward, one step back. 
He is incomplete after years of indecision. Inertia impedes his ability to do more, to take the next step, to organize, prioritize and execute…….to do something, something, anything for Gods sake.
Sometimes in a seemingly catatonia state he stares out his window, then, peers down to his paper and pen and feels stifled, stuck and bent near to breaking.
Raised up with an anchor of grief and bereavement on his soul he talked loud when he should have been listening because the sound of silence drove him through a door into a room of madness and near self destruction.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Today there is today—and he’s not here, he’s off to seek another chance to know this cherished gift given him once and for ever, again, a chance to fulfill through grace his gift and mission. 
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back