Put me to work for you Lord
what talents do I have that you can use
and what need do you have
for that which I have
that I can do something with.

I start and sputter
I move and stop
I get close to knowing
then when it’s time for going
my mind or heart or fear
cement my hands and feet in place

My hands remain in a praying position
it’s not by my works that I be saved
but still, all teaching i hear these days
speak of do, do, do,
get up
get in gear—leave here—go there

I’m in conflict
I feel young and old simultaneously
I’m of and age
like a stone embedded in sadness

If I am a new creation in Jesus
why then do I still feel the chains of the former
and have yet to become the latter

This is my prayer this morning Father
these are my words from my heart to you

Help me my Lord
to break from the past
to let the dead bury the dead

I long to have you pick up my heavy heart
and make it light in the light
in a light that overcomes the dark
a life where blues gives way to gold
the gold coin of the realm is
surrender then salvation

Let my life not be just these words on paper
and a fleeting euphoric morning prayer
but let my life be as real as creation
as the dawning of this new day

From my heart to You Lord Jesus