Sometimes I have too much time on my hands. Then I start to thinking, thinking leads to wondering.

Among the numerous definitions of ‘ wonder’ in Webster’s is part 2 of 3 which states: ‘to have curiosity, sometimes mingled with doubt,’
Ok, sure you knew that but could you articulate it that well?

Well, I been wondering why (or why don’t ) you go out to hear music at a club?

Are you wondering why I am wondering?

If not, then just hit delete and never wonder what it was really all about.

As an artist I guess I could say I could care less about this wonder I have, but this is my art, my chosen path in life,
take it or leave it, like it or not.


As a performer I get off on you getting off and I want to know what it is that gets you off. Musically that is.

I mean, why should a musician have a band in smokeless bars, during a recession/depression, along with lowered alcohol levels with SUPER Hi Def Home Theaters available at home? Why would a musician expect people to go out to a club to listen to their band?

I ask this question because if I don’t know what makes you tick, we might as well throw away the clock.

Maybe this should a been a blog or something, but I don’t know a blog from a log but I do know when I play it’s what I love to do. The right side of the equation needs solving, that is why I just wonder what makes it good for you to hear live music.

If you made it this far, thank you. If you care to drop me a reply and alleviate my wonderment that would be cool too.