Seeing others in that light at the end of the tunnel

Seeing you Father in the seekers seeking you

I wade through babble and confusing theories, personal opinions and talk
willing to become more of who you have been waiting for me to become.

I look out
to look in
to see up where you are
in a kingdom that surrounds me
visible in those and through those
who put forth the effort
to find you and amplify you

Shedding sin is like shedding skin to grow
to fly and defy the dark gravity of ignorance and selfishness

Even in my fight and rebellion I pray for the end of selfishness
while rewriting, retaining and nurturing
a new sense of self in you-by you-for you,
lofty ideals and ideas indeed, but if one would reach, reach for the stars.

Jesus, you do offer us a peace that goes beyond my understanding
and it is here in the peace of my prayers where I find you