Nov. 5th, ’11, 9:05 am

Jesus, you become more known to me with each prayer I pray, with each moment of silent waiting I get to know you more. My hungry heart is fed and my thirst for wisdom is quenched for a time.

I am not alone when I am with you Father as you listen to my plea to have you with me each step of my way through this day. Today is all I have, and I have it so much more with you than being on my own.

I confess my conceit, my insecurity and my selfishness and harsh bitterness towards others, that by your command, I am to love.

I am so able to list my faults and sins. Why then do I struggle and strain to list the goodness that’s in me. For if I am from you and for you, there must be some good in me, because I believe I am saved and forgiven by your word, by your sacrifice of 2 millennia ago, by the truth of You and your love. We are wayward children saved by a God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who truly loves and cares and provides to us in the ways we ask for, and even more, in the ways we need, your way for us, your way to supply our needs, your way that is not always well seen, perceived or even accepted by us.

We are your children Lord but so unlike you. We are not perfect, and what if any perfection be in us it is just shallow and weak and easily derailed.

As I attempt this morning to humble myself to you Father, I seek you and your way with my life.

My days are numbered, a number only you know, but this I know, I love praying with you. I love the feeling of connection with you Father,…. see how selfish I am even in attempting humbleness. I know too that there is more you want of me than to sit in my room and hold your light so selfishly.

What you’ve given you’ve given to me to give to others. As I pray today for your help (again) Father, is to meet the challenges and live and do as you would have me do, for you, for myself, my family and for others.