Nov 4th, 10:30 pm

I’ve question’d Jesus about why he has not done something with the songs I’ve written that I believe God has given to me.

I know now he’s waiting to see my passion for his songs.

He wants my passion and my effort to meet his. I’ve been sitting on the roof of a house submerged in a flood waiting for God to do something to save me other that what he has already done. I’m waiting for a helicopter, a dingy, the raft, no, I am waiting for God and he is waiting for me to see the rescue he’s already provided.

Now he wants my passion. He weeps at my laziness and unbelief masked by my words that have little substance and no energy.

I see Lord, I understand! I am sorry for wasting time and talent; but how sorry am I and what is my sorrow but more of time wasted?

I surrender now. If these songs are truly your your songs as I say and believe, and you want me to play theses songs for others, I come to you now in prayer and ask for your passion to be mine.

I can do or achieve nothing of value on my own.

With you and Spirit as a guide I will find a way, your way Father to just do it.!