Jesus, what pain and aloneness you must have felt living with what you knew was the truth while living with those who knew you not for who you were. Were it not that you were the Christ, your sorrow would surly have brought you to your knees in tears, in deed, it did bring you to the cross.

You, God, perfection living in a sad sinful world trying to fulfill your Fathers mission to a world that didn’t/doesn’t believe, understand, and who rejected you and the gift of light and life you were sent to bring.

Tonight Jesus it is my sadness, sorrow and feelings of rejection that bring me to you and all this to my mind. You were the Christ, cast off, they tried to kill you for the threat you were to them in their ignorance, but you rose to live and live still in truth and the Holy Spirit.

I find no joy in your pain and passion, but I do find strength and a peace in you, and I will be able to rest my head on my pillow tonight and sleep to wake to another day, if it’s your will, to fight the good fight and find joy in my life with you, and through you.