Oh Lord I am a hard crusted man
a selfish man who for the work of the devil can’t the good that is in me and from you.

Lord, I just pray that I would soften and gain in truth that which I, in my own delusion, think I am preserving but really am distorting by my contrite ways.

Father I have sin’d against people but mostly you with my hard bitter mean self-centered ways. No excuses matter any more because I know that I am forgiven by the proclamation of my faith in you Jesus. Oh Lord, were it that my faith felt more real than mere words mumbled with bow’d head.

Lip service is not confession. I did not choose the blues, the blues were there for me forged by singers and players slaved to mortal masters. As the blues were there, so too are you there for me and all of us. You are freedom from the blues which still invest in the mortal slavery of immortal souls.

It echos in my mind, Sing to the Lord a new song or how bout an old song in a different brand new way.

Lord God, hear my prayer for those in my heart and mind who are troubled and need your mercy: Rick, Gerry, Kathy, Deb and Me, Joe, Cole, Gianna, my mother, those from HOPE, I pray Father your Holy Spirit lift all burdens and hold us fast in faith to reach out and see you, and feel your mercy and glory. Protect us and direct us each in the way you know we need.

In the name of Jesus, this I pray for those I’ve named.