Lord hear my prayer

What is my missing piece of life between inspiration and motivation? My friend Bobby says its money, that’s what moves him from inspiration to motivation, him and so many like him

I’m taken care of and worry not nor need to pursue money, thanks be to God and my wife.

So now I’m thinking between inspiration and motivation is God–Jesus, he is the source of inspiration. Jesus is my money.

Why do anything even of an artistic nature? What purpose, reason, why work on anything, songs, prayers to blogs? What is the reason and purpose. Is the reason hard/solid/material, or soft, spiritual, emotional, ephemeral. Purpose-Reason-Goal.

Why do I pray? For guidance, for thanksgiving and move closer to God–inspired, filled with Him, His Love and His peace, of this I am sure.
There was a time I was of the mind that my music, songs and writing were all about self-satisfaction. I thought the purpose was recognition of me, attention and affection from people, sweet adoration from the world.

What little I’ve tasted of that has led me to mistrust and simply not believe in it as “it!”

My soul knows there is more, must be more, must be more.
My bible, church, and deep soul yearning tell me that more is my God my Father. The reason is to let His light shine through me so that I and others might know the truth of love and God and feel the Holy Spirit=the Comforter. Lofty words which I fall far short of accomplishing and more often than not I know I’m totally unable to live up to.

So then what is my reason for doing anything, even this that I do this morning. The reason should be to know God, to glorify Him. But reason, linear thinking and God, seem to often to not be in the same ball park, they seem to be in opposition. Is that so or just my smallness and ignorance in control?

Is my missing piece between inspiration and motivation SERVICE? To serve and further the purpose of the Lord our God? Is that my purpose, to seek Him first, the Kingdom?

Yea, Jesus in the money in my bank