Lord, this life is just so down right disappointing

In part because of the things we want and or expect then they–they–what ever ‘they’ are do not meet our expectations.

This is a fact the good book tells us over and over. The profits and the apostles tell us of this and warn us of this and even supply the way to avoid these disappointments.

For the moment we hold it, the truth, the kingdom, all is well.
Then, when we lose our connection and POW!!, everything seems to go to hell, and it does for those moments…..
……the expected and highly desired meal is to hot or to cold, it’s undone, to over done, the 15 item or less line has 23 items in it, the person with the responsibility to tell the 23 item person to move doesn’t, the responsibility to clean up the mess, and put the things back where they were just doesn’t get done.

Lord, even this prayer today is OFF!

I’m not prayin, I’m just complaining.
I’m half full, half truth and bordering on angry

Why? it’s because I am focusing on ME, not you, or I’m focusing on some person and not you, or looking at the balance scales of them and me and not YOU

Just another day of ‘shame on me for forgetting YOU.’