I must remember I am filled with the Grace of God.

I was born with a mission. A secret mission–into a certain set of circumstances and sent out and forward in basic ignorance of all this to accomplish the mystery.

Filled with how life is or should be by parents, friends, TV, music, church, all for art at it’s finest and it’s lowest.

Bouncing like a ball from one choice to another. Burning with pain from wounds obtained from poor choices, healed momentarily by times of reflection such as this moment now.

Time stands still, time flies by, time is fluid, then time is solid.

Now that I am of an age and under the care of multiple doctors and influence of church, more and more I find inertia controlling my way. I don’t choose it as much as not choosing anything else.

Remember–I am filled with the Grace of God and am on a secret mission designed by Him and left to me to be discovered, defined and accomplished by me.

The ultimate responsibility.