jljuliano 10:46 am on November 25, 2004

This world is crazy, upside down and mad, always has been, always will be.You and I don’t need to follow suite. Follow for a moment from my starting place for Thanksgiving 2004.

I give thanksgiving for the gift of giving
I give thanks for the rewards of giving
I give thanks for being able to choose a giving attitude in a bad attitude world
Thanks for being able to choose me 2nd or 3rd and know this is the way to feel 1st

When the dark gives way to the light and one sees ‘it’s not all about me,’ a mill stone becomes a mile stone. A Herculean achievement becomes more than a song sung in church.

Thanks for giving aches and pains, for faults, losses and gains
Thanks for giving forgiving of the smallest sins
and those and bleed beyond the limited view of our horizon
Thanks for forgiving

Thanks for allowing me to look ‘right’ in the eye and choose wrong
So many wrongs to get it right

What is innocent? What is harmless? What is significant? What little thing can impact life and lives so profoundly?

Look! Look! here’s Zuzu’s pettles!
Daddy, every time you hear a bell it means another angel got its wings
It’s a Wonderful Life

Here boy, is that fatted goose still in the window of the butcher around the corner?
What the ones as big as me?
Yes. Yes, that’s the one. What a smart boy, a remarkable boy.
Here, you go buy that fatted goose and have the man deliver it; straight off with you now
Scrooge, after the visits

Will you now look at the faces, look in the eyes and know this may be the only time your eyes will speak with this person?
Will you look over the ugliness; forgive the odor, the filth, the hopeless round robin of the world’s walking wounded?

Victims parade before you with no one to blame
so they blame you

Can you take their blame and scorn to patch just one spot in a life that’s torn. A life made of gilt and little or no triumphs.
Can you weave a sleeping bag from torn bits and pieces of frayed mismatched rags that look like trash and create a safe place that feels like a return to the womb

Can you see with me through the dark side to the light

Can you accept my burning desire to feel the feelings of Thanksgivings so deeply that I would wrestle these many hours with so many words to simply say…………..
Happy Thanksgiving.