Dear Son Joey,

I am trying to say things I can’t really say.

Every time I went out on the road traveling in a traveling band you’re mom would always write me a note and hide it in my suitcase, a simple note to remind me that she loved me and wanted the best for me. It would be a simple note that was a little bit of her that I would use to remind me of home and our love.

Since the moment you were born into this life, my life was forever changed. You filled emptiness in me. You’ve given me purpose and a reason to keep swimming even when it was up steam against a mighty current, I would keep on swimming—for you. Thank you

You—who I’ve watched take on tasks and conquer obstacles and accept hurt for a time, and then, you picked yourself up to move on. You have courage.

You are far out of the nest today. You are on an adventure. I hope you know it’s not about winning the prize but more about living bigger, a boy becoming a man.

You are the young brave adventurer, reaping rewards for accomplishments you’ve earned so you can go on and accomplish more.

You have a family, you have friends, you have God the Father and Jesus the savior—you are surrounded by only good and only good will come to you.

Take time to enjoy the journey, take time on your journey to look, feel and see the wide world around you.

Enjoy your adventure and come home to us and share it with us.

God bless you,