A euphoric whim
i want desperately to write
but comes a slap of reality……
i don’t want anything desperately

here in the shadowed corner of my front stoop
i just want to sit and read
to feel the 14 mph wind
and hear the mezzo-forte crash into fortissimo
as the 14 gusts to 25

to hear the interstate scream as banshee
monster 18 wheel Mack’s and powerful Peterbuilts
break the speed limit a mere 600 ft to the west

desperately wanting?
no, i don’t desperately want anything
oh, i admit cravings
love, companionship
intimacy i’ve known but know no more
no, i am not desperate for anything

i know God knows me
i remember Him in my repentance and reconstructing
His Grace, do i miss it desperately?
not at the moment

at the moment I am desperately