stiff necked
devils making me out a fool

Jesus i’m seeking you

God I see the darkness tools

Lord, i’ll over come with you

What to do when we know the truth
but still fall victim to darkness
knowing what i know in my mind,
i still fall short in my soul
help Lord in the letting go

I believe all things work for good
good Lord let it come to pass
i’m not as free as can be
i can be freer Jesus with you

i am ashamed, a hypocrite, a proof of failure in fine cloths
the mirror knows
i can’t look there for very long
seeing in me all that’s wrong

This I know too Lord
there’s no where for me to go
again I say it, i know the truth
i’m just having a hell of a time being it…living it

i can talk it, the truth, but stumble continually when i walk it
the saying goes you can run gut you can’t hide
i’m not running, i know there is no escape
i’ve run to all the hiding places
they offer not the rest found in You

my lips can deceive but my soul speaks truth
when pen is in my hand
but still i question the use and purpose of these writings
i pray these prayers i’m doing are doing right by you

My soul hungers for you Lord
your forgiveness–your forgiveness
forgiveness is what i seek,
what i long to see is you

talk to me Father please
tell me what you would have me do
Holy Spirit, move me in the light
move me in the right direction

there was a phone call
a problem
a child called the father
the father listened
in the listening
the child figured out
he should attempt to fix the problem
the child was given a seed of confidence
with the father contact

This time the problem was a small one to overcome
Lord may this seed of confidence root, blossom and grow
grow like the red wood tree of the great northwest
grow strong and protected this seed of confidence
grow in, with and of You