in the morning i will slow down my mind before the race begins Oh Lord-
Praise be to you in my prayer-
the race of thoughts each seek attention
each are nothing
some thoughts the evil one tries to use to continue to confound and confuse
but first thing in the morning
i will establish my mind as fertile ground for the kingdom of God-
I will shun the tests that are yet to much for me to handle
i will shun the test that I know are ill set against me as traps set to snare me
and pull me away from you my lord,
my savior
my safe place
my father and holy spirit…..

i turn from the mirror of pride-the tendency to hide though is before me-
i have found this safe place with prayer in my house
and I can see myself avoiding that chance to let my light shine for Jesus-
i am not saved to be locked away-but Lord, my God,
i will continue to pray thy will be done-
that i may know your will in my life before i leap
you want my reverence but abhor a vacuum and a stagnant pool-
life teams all around me in the sun of this day-
the wind gently moves the trees in a dance of life….

my days are full of to-do’s that i dedicate to you father-
the stone is overturned-the rock established
these words are for you lord as well as me-you are the father we all long for…. eternal-righteous-unbending-demanding-forgiving…….

how much of a blessing is it that we can come to you each morning
in any situation-in any weather-in a cellar or in a field of late summer flowers and call your name and pray-OUR FATHER!
we are your children-lost to sin-saved again through Jesus……..

we cannot know everything-that is your plan-
nor should we expect to know everything-though we seem to think we are know-it-all’s
that is where i ask Adam about that-to much knowledge is not a good thing
but what we know we know from you
you know our hears and what is right and what is true
my life is only fulfilled and meaningful when i am in a daily-
moment by moment relationship with you lord