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aug 2 2011
Some may say it’s for the birds………

The gang of sparrows that come and devour the food are like the poor of spirit. They come and feast and know not where–(nor care) where the food comes from. The birds eat, are fed, and that’s true and right and as it should be.

Are they grateful? If they are ignorant of their grace are they less? Do they just consume and empty the feeders and move on? And if so, what of it. They’re just birds.

Do I hold back their food because they are grabbers, ungrateful and selfish and fight each other for the food? Maybe, but I am not God and they are only animals/birds all of which I have been given dominion over, so says the Lord God.

It’s just the pecking order.

The high rich birds are the cardinals and the goldfinches. They are beautiful and proud and lovely to look at. They are rich, independent and of a higher class. They are special and have very good table manners.

The sparrows are plain, brown, poor, less pretty. They travel in fleets, flocks, a flight congregation, parcel, pod, volery or dissimulation (small birds only). They come off as lower in the pecking order, ordinary. They possess voracious appetites and have very bad table manners.

All these informal feathered friends make up the feathered community I care about and care for out my front window and in my front yard. I get joy and entertainment while watching them. I care about providing for them. I also get angry when they don’t share and become vicious in there attack upon each other. I get angry that they don’t share and have respect for the others in their group and the others of their kin.

It’s just the pecking order. They can be mean, know what I mean?

Seven brown sparrows hang on the feeders and stand at attention. Their heads swiveling, jerking to keep a lookout. Then, they move as one and make a move to the food then feed in a frenzy. Then, almost as if a bell goes off they scatter and a new group replaces and repeats the dance. It can be beastly at times. If I loose the joy and wonder of it all and allow anger and disappointment a place it can depress me.

Suddenly, as if on cue the goldfinch and nuthatch arrive to gently light on the shepherds poles where the feeders hang. Then, when an opening opens they go to it. They select a nut, a seed or a thistle and do a roller coaster flight back to the trees. A serpentine flight path that is comical and beautiful all at the same time. I chuckle.

All this is true, it’s noble, it’s right, it’s pure, it’s lovely and adorable. It is most excellent and for it I praise God.

This watching, waiting and praying is a simple joy. Some may say it’s for the birds, but me and you Lord, we know the truth.