Have you ever tried to Scotch Tape anything to Water?
That’s what me and nicknames are like—they just don’t stick.

There was a time when I was Joseph, then Joe, then Joey and for a short country period in my life, Cousin Luke, (Tennessee).

Then in 1986 came the passing of the “Y” I gave it up to my son. I was once again just Joe. I’ve tried “Lucky”, but I’m not.
GF calls me “Smokin Joe”, but I don’t and Kubeck threatened to sue me.

I was called “Jersey Joe” for a minute until another Joe from Jersey informed me the Twin Cities (which really aren’t twins) wasn’t big enough for 2 Joes from Jersey.

Several days ago came the latest offering. I thought they said “Jazzy Joe J”, bit I’ve been corrected via email that it was “Jazzy Joey J”. There’s really no jazz about me but more importantly, it’s a rule, once you give up the “Y”, you can’t get it back, especially at 62 years of age.

If you’re still reading at this point your brains is screaming—GET A LIFE. There’s terrorism, famine, homelessness. Who cares about your nickname?

I would tend to agree, it’s not that important.

So call me what you want, call me what you will. Just don’t call me now because I’m tired of creating and I’m sleepy.

HEY!!—Sleepy Joe?

I’ll sleep on it.