You’ve left a trail of broken promises
Not to mention wounded hearts
We can’t talk, we fight
You’re strong in your opinion
Savage swipes with your saber tongue cut deep
You have me guilty, sentenced and hung
before we’ve even begun to speak

The word peace has no life in here
It’s war or nothing at all
How much of this abuse must I endure
I want to stand, shout, raise my arms and say no more
There’s no tender touch
You’ve convinced yourself of what is what and that seems to be enough
How many directions does this tide flow before I’m swept out the door

You are out of control- you’ve dug a hole
You design to pull me in
The grave for me will come soon enough with out this tug of war
I’m silently pleading–please back off
I can’t think
Disoriented beyond the ability to make decision
I’m regretting our living situation

Then comes the silence
It is deafening, the volume disabling
For a moment my fears quiet
The quiet like the eye of Katrina

Like the eye of Katrina
I’m blind sided by the tempest
With out warning or alarm
the war will rage again
Here in Storm Castle