Plane crashes into the Hudson River moments after take off—-all passengers survive—–into a frozen river go 150 or so souls who cheat death—–was not their time—–pilot a hero.

What will they do with their second chance. They have seen death and watched it pass. This event must be a turning point for some, one or all of those who survived.

Will there be peace made where there was animosity and anger? Will love bloom from the realization that at any moment death would slam doors, draw shades and call last call?

Will conversions happen, will those who totter on the edge of faith commit to God their mortal soul and their remaining days to His word?

The stories go beyond those who were in the plane. Like finger of a brook that feeds into the old tired Hudson and feed it to flow beyond, there are people that will affect the world because of the effect of this, there salvation.

I pray that those who are plucked from the river grow and cause this major once in a life time blessing to multiply exponentially to bless others.

Praise God